Neurogentics Club on 3rd of February 2023

The next meeting of neurogenetics club will be hosted virtually by Glasgow on:

3 February 2023 (Friday) provisional timing: 10AM-4PM

Thanks to Mark Hamilton (Genetics) and Kirsten Forbes (Neuroradiology) for hosting.

Prof Yanick Crow will present a lunch-time set piece talk. 

Some of you have already contacted us about cases, but there is plenty of space for further cases.

Please send a message to and you want to present known or unknown cases.

Please do copy me in as well as Mark is not in office for some of the period leading up to the meeting.

If your imaging needs to be transferred to Glasgow by IEP, it is highly advisable this is done ASAP.

If you are presenting from your own centre, please let the organising team know 48 hours before the meeting about your cases so that the running order can be decided.

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