Paediatric Telemetry Referral Pathway

Please find attached pathway;

Criteria for admission for video telemetry:

1.            Paroxysmal events: are these seizures or something else? (Child must be having at least 3 episodes per week)

2.            Which seizure type/ syndrome type is this in known epilepsy  or where do the seizures start (again, at least 3 episodes per week)? 

3.            Electrical status in sleep? – we can often answer this with a sleep record, but can use telemetry if this has not been successful.

For information these are the link paediatric neurologists by area:

Dr Chitre  Ipswich, Norfolk and Norwich, great Yarmouth

Dr Ambegaonkar  Harlow, Hinchingbrooke and Bury

Dr Parker Lister, Weldon garden City and Meldreth

Dr Maw  Luton

Dr Kirshnakumar  Colchester and Bedford 

Dr Harijan Peterborough and Kings Lynn